Software Development

RSI SOFTECH has developed extensive software in the field of Geomatics ranging from Image Processing, GIS to Sensor Modeling and geometric modeling.

  • Project Sanjay for PMO BSS
  • IMGRS Grid Generation
  • MI 17 GDM Customization
  • INCT, Algeria


RSI SOFTECH provides total consultancy services in the field of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, and GIS to a variety of customers all across the world. These Services include project consulting – project management in the field of Aerial Flying services, GPS Survey for Ground Control, Film Scanning, Triangulation, DTM generation/editing, Ortho/Ortho Mosaic generation, 2D/3D Feature Capturing, 3D City Modeling.


RSI SOFTECH is a leading company in GIS, Raster Imaging/Processing and Mapping, is a Geomatics technology company providing largest range of solutions for data capturing, data referencing, measuring, analyzing and presenting geospatial data.


RSI SOFTECH has a large surveying and mapping customer base in India and Abroad. It also has the best range of survey equipment and tools to suite the mapping needs of its clients ranging from a basic tape to the ultra latest survey equipment.