OPS GIS is a professional set of GIS tools which can meet requirements of the hi-end GIS users by providing tools to build and manage a complete GIS project. OPSGIS is a powerful desktop mapping and GIS software tool. As an analysis and management tool aiming for spatial information, OPS GIS can be successfully applied to many industrial fields such as land, forestry, power, telecom, traffic, environment, planning, travel, water conservancy, aviation, etc.

  • OPS GIS can access geospatial data in your internal or external database warehouse with the built-in RDBMS database engine, without using     middleware and causing additional cost on software and hardware.
  • OPS GIS supports storing, retrieving, operating and analyzing geographical and tubular data in ORACLE, SQL Server, Sybase, DM3 and other     commercial available database and data warehouse.
  • ORACLE Spatial is natively supported.
  • Users can easily organize and model the data of the enterprise transparently with operational-friendly graphic user interface and it consolidates the beauty and benefit of data management centric     approach in traditional GIS application and user     operation centric approach in CAD desktop application.