SkylineGlobe Enterprise Edition - Overview

SkylineGlobe Enterprise Edition is a software bundle that offers all the tools necessary for a complete, net-centric 3D visualization solution

With SkylineGlobe Enterprise Edition, you have all the software necessary to create, view, analyze, edit, and share 3D environments. This all-in-one solution provides a full Application Programming Interface (API) that enables you to customize your interface according to your requirements or easily build your own 3D web application based on SkylineGlobe technology.

What's included in the SkylineGlobe Enterprise bundle?

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SkylineGlobe Enterprise Edition Benefits

Draw together data in a wide range of formats, coordinate systems and spatial resolutions

TerraBuilder and TerraExplorer Pro can support data import in a wide range of formats, merge data of different resolutions and sizes and then re-project them into a common reference projection. Both TerraBuilder and TerraExplorer Pro fuse all imagery sources into a seamless mosaic that is draped over the respective elevation model.

Serve thousands of concurrent requests for terrain, map and feature data on each TerraGate server

TerraGate servers are optimized to handle a high number of concurrent users, making TerraGate an extremely cost effective data delivery solution.

Quickly make massive archives of data accessible for 3D visualization

You can save time and resources by skipping the 3D terrain database creation and streaming the native data to clients, using TerraGate DirectConnect. Once an updated image or elevation source is available, it can be loaded in a TerraBuilder project and be immediately available for clients to work with over the network

Manage users, menu sets, tools and account layers

SkylineGlobe Enterprise Edition provides a web-based application from which you can control, customize and monitor different elements in the 3D environment.

Enable your users to collaborate and share 3D experiences with other users

SkylineGlobe applications offer powerful and simple to use tools for collaborating in analysis of data. Connecting over the Internet or intranet, users can fly-through and study a 3D environment together, and make additions or changes to the 3D environment that will be seen by their partners.

Customize the interface and functions of the 3D web application according to your customers' needs

SkylineGlobe Web Package (SGWP) offers a complete out-of-the-box web application for publishing intuitive 2D and 3D virtual environments, which users can navigate through, viewing, analyzing, and annotating data in its geographical context. Applications can be customized, from the included data layers to the application tools and commands.