A TOTAL solution for Surveying and Civil Engineering Companies.

TcpMDT is a state-of-the-art survey and civil engineering software designed to assist users in all phases of carrying out a survey or civil engineering projects for constructions roads, area development projects, quarries, mines, tunnels, etc.

TcpMDT comes in Standard and Professional versions and provides tools for the design of horizontal and vertical alignments, draw the project cross-sections, generate final ground, cut and fill reports, setting out, etc. It has optional modules Surveying, Point Cloud and Images module.




Stereo viewing of Orientated Aerial photographs

TcpStereo software allows stereo plotting in CAD environment over aerial photographs already triangulated and having the exterior orientations. It is specially designed and developed for drones imagery.

TcpStereo can read orientations from any drone processing software to create oriented stereo pair block of images. User can visualize the stereo models in Quad-Buffer Stereo with active/passive stereo glasses or in Anaglyph mode with coloured anaglyph glasses.