Geo Data Manager

Geo Data Manager(GDM) is a Geospatial Data Cataloguing and Mining  Application Software, built on industry standard ORACLE and open source database Postgres. GDM is a Data Management system for networked intranet or internet workstation environment. It  performs Archive, Query, Retrieve and Update of Image, Vector and other spatial and non-spatial data. Practically any digital file can be geo tagged, archived and indexed for future retrieval.

GDM is a secured-operation-based access control tool to archive data by capturing the metadata information of the files. This provides easy to use tools for retrieving the data through Geo-Queries on a standard Geo-Viewer with point, polygon, buffer area query, SQL based query and various other geospatial based queries.  GDM reads all of the industry standard formats.

Key Capabilities

  • Supports all commercial and open standard formats of spatial and non-spatial files.
  • Simple and easy data organization and management.
  • Supports any file size that a standard OS can support
  • Query by Metadata, AOI, Point Buffer, Geospatial Borders and on Date & Time
  • Implementing OGC/ISO Standards
  • Quick retrieval, user defined and spatial metadata information preview and image thumbnail view
  • Multi-level data protection and secured access-control implementation
  • Customizable event-based history logging for administrative auditing and reporting functionality
  • Future Data Formats, OS Support, Support for Various Online and Offline Storage Devices.


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