TerraExplorer - Mobile App

Skyline’s TerraExplorer Mobile App extends the reach of 3D GIS from the office to the field itself.

With touch screen navigation and a mobile-optimized user interface, users can navigate freely through local and remote terrain databases and 3DML city layers, fly to favorite locations, search SkylineGlobe address server and locate the camera according to their GPS position.

The TerraExplorer Mobile App can be used in online mode reading data from SkylineGlobe’s TerraGate and other OGC compliant servers, or offline, loading a local project created by the TerraExplorer Pro Publishing tool. TerraExplorer kits that contain a project or a geographic subset of a project and all relevant files can easily be published and directly uploaded to mobile devices.

The TerraExplorer Mobile App for Android and iOS is available for download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

TerraExplorer Mobile Benefits

Navigate through high resolution, photo-realistic 3D environments

With TerraExplorer Mobile, you can view a real, highly-detailed 3D earth model created by integrating aerial and satellite photography, terrain elevation data, 2D and 3D urban and terrain objects, and other information layers. Users can stream 3D geo-spatial data from SkylineGlobe servers as well as view data published from a desktop TerraExplorer Pro directly on their mobile device.

GPS-based Positioning

The mobile application connects to your device’s GPS to pinpoint your current location on the map quickly and accurately.

Integrated Search

With integrated searching capability, you can query multiple databases simultaneously for more efficient and effective searches.

Boost collaboration between the field and office

The TerraExplorer Mobile App enables workers in the field to view updates to the COP as real-time data becomes available.







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