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Satellite Tasking

The most effective way to provide customers with a consistently reliable source of satellite imaging is to collect imagery prospectively. Currently, DigitalGlobe is able to collect over 3 million km² of quality imagery per day, building an image library already larger than any other. However, for times when a specific requirement cannot be satisfied from pre-existing imagery, DigitalGlobe has created a flexible and comprehensive set of satellite tasking and remote sensing options.

Flexible options

The DigitalGlobe tasking framework provides three order options (Select, Select Plus, and Single Shot) designed to meet a variety of customer needs. While customers may initially choose one tasking option, DigitalGlobe provides options to upgrade to a higher tasking level or extend the time window.
Informed Projections

Dedicated experts work with customers to choose windows that provide the highest physical and competitive feasibility for each tasking project.

Our commitment to you

DigitalGlobe’s commitment to custom tasking is a key component to our comprehensive Geospatial Imagery Solutions. We provide a high-resolution satellite view using a combination of collection strategies, a full ImageLibrary, and flexible delivery options.

Advanced high-res constellation

DigitalGlobe maintains the largest sub-meter constellation of satellites, includingQuickBird, WorldView-1, WorldView-2, IKONOS and GeoEye-1. IKONOS can collect panchromatic and multispectral imagery which can be merged to create 0.82-meter color pan-sharpened imagery. QuickBird is a 60 cm, 4-band color satellite, and is capable of collecting multispectral and panchromatic imagery. WorldView-1 is a 50 cm TRUE*, panchromatic satellite and is also capable of collecting in-track stereo imagery. GeoEye-1 acquires 50 cm TRUE* panchromatic and 2.0 meter multispectral imagery. WorldView-2 is a 50 cm TRUE*, 8-band color satellite capable of collecting 2.0 meter multispectral, panchromatic, and in-track stereo imagery.
*Resolution better than 50 cm at nadir with 5m CE90 accuracy

Tasking Options-

Select : Entry level tasking that offers flexibility to customers to set their own collection window or to accept DigitalGlobe’s suggested window.

Select Plus : A higher level of service to customers than that offered for Select Tasking. Customers will see shorter collection windows for Select Plus Tasking (as opposed to Select Tasking) in areas of high competition.

Single Shot : An unique tasking option that should be used when customers have an immediate need for new imagery and when customers require the guarantee that imagery will be collected on or near a specific date. As little as six hours after confirmation of a Single Shot order, we can acquire an image of the specified area of interest, a full ImageLibrary, and flexible delivery options.

Accurate Basemap : Our satellite and aerial images cover significant areas of the world. With the rapid collection capabilities of our constellation we can reach the widest geographic areas quickly and easily without the deployment of on-site surveying. Establishing an accurate base map is critical for state, local, and federal agencies worldwide. You can quickly create an accurate base map with our images and integrate them into GIS to enhance vector map layers and serve as the ground truth for other applications. For national mapping initiatives the accuracy and high-resolution content from our satellites provides the unique base layer for many federal and ministries programs.

Basic Imagery


Basic satellite imaging products are satellite pictures designed for users with advanced image processing capabilities. DigitalGlobe supplies camera model information with each Basic Imagery product, permitting users to perform sophisticated photogrammetric processing such as orthorectification and three dimensional feature extraction. Basic Imagery is the least processed image product with corrections for radiometric distortions. Adjustments for internal sensor geometry, optical, and sensor distortions have been performed on each scene ordered.


High resolution

  • 41 cm - 82 cm panchromatic, natural color, color infrared, or 4-band pan sharpened
  • 1.7 m - 3.2 m multispectral

Large image swath collection size

  • 11.3 km – 18.0 km width at nadir

High radiometric response

  • 11-bit digitization (up to 2,048 levels of gray scale)
  • Discrete non-overlapping bands

Open systems

  • Camera model information supplied
  • Compatible with leading commercial software providers
  • Popular image file formats

Spacecraft telemetry and camera model supplied with satellite imagery


Provides the flexibility to perform your own photogrammetric processing on raw data to produce orthorectified imagery and first generation basemaps
Identify features, create maps, and detect changes from recent global imagery at the highest resolution possible from commercial imaging satellites
Map large areas faster with fewer files to manage and process
Improve feature classification and identification in dark or bright areas, such as building shadows or snow, and perform more flexible image enhancement
Get your high-resolution satellite orthoimagery project up and running quickly and easily using your existing commercial software


Basic Imagery can be acquired directly from the DigitalGlobe archive or you can submit a new collection request. Satellite pictures are ordered by the scene, with a minimum purchase of a single scene up to a maximum of 10,000 km² per order. Products are delivered on your choice of standard digital media with all the Image Support Data files needed for photogrammetric processing, including attitude and ephemeris data, geometric calibration, camera model, image metadata, radiometric data, and rational functions.

Delivery Method

Media Delivery: DVD, External Hard Drive
Web-Based Delivery: FTP